Custom Fisher Price records

IMG_6789I decided to turn my recent interest in CNC milling into something useful. I was discussing with a colleague at work the old Fisher Price toy record player that everyone seemed to have as a kid. It dawned on me that it might be possible to reverse engineer the records and CNC mill or 3D print a new record.

There was an interesting competition on Instructables with a really nice 3D printer as a prize, so I got to creating a CNC milled version and documenting it there. Rather than repeating myself, I’ll just point you there –

Whilst I didn’t quite manage to win the star prize, I did win a really nice home 3D printer – the UP.

IMG_7198Inspired by the win, I then adapted many project to 3D print the records instead. This is also documented on Instructables –

I just missed out on winning a laser cutter with that one, despite getting over 37,000 views. Nevermind. I ended up buying one anyway.

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