Hacking the Tado (part 2 – gateway)

Well, in part 1 I worked out that I could connect to the Gateway with a debugger. Now I need to work out a little bit about the board. It’s a 4-layer board, so tracing the signals isn’t that easy. Writing some simple code seemed to be the best way to determine what’s connected to what.


The easiest bit. I just toggled all the pins until i found out that the three green LEDs are all on port H. The link LED is bit 5, router is bit 6 and internet is bit 7. All are active high.


One switch is reset, so not much happening there. I can’t seem to determine what the other is doing yet. It doesn’t appear to be directly connected to a pin and may have circuitry between that and the reset button. I can’t  remember what function it had on the Tado.

CC1101 radio, Ethernet, USB type A jack

Still to come.

Getting started with StellarisWare

I thought the easiest approach to getting somethings going was to try some sample code from StellarisWare – perhaps even some Ethernet code. Unfortunately the examples seem to only cover specific evaluation boards and I seem to hit a hard fault at some point running adapted code. Not getting really anywhere right now.

5 thoughts on “Hacking the Tado (part 2 – gateway)

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  2. Thanks for your articles 🙂 I have the Tado system v2 and the range seems to be slightly lacking. Some TRVs furthest away will often lose connection. Using your hacking skills, have you seen any way that we may be able to extend the range? Maybe adding an external antenna to the Internet Bridge?

    • I can’t see any way to improve the range apart from modifying the antenna but I suspect that the Tado engineers did a reasonable job of that. Unless there’s something like an unpopulated uFL connector footprint on the bridge PCB then I doubt there’s much you can do.

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