A good reason for not blogging for a while

I realise I haven’t posted much here for a while. Mainly I haven’t blogged much because I have a new job. I’d been stuck in my previous job for almost 10 years. It started out as fun, but I must admit that the last year or so I stuck it out because it was a mile from home and near my kids’ schools. The commute was a real selling point. I liked my colleagues too.

Anyway, I jumped ship and ended up in a new job at a company called Creative Technology where I not only code (as I used to) but the work also covers lots of physical builds and crosses over into embedded development and electronics too. I’m absolutely loving the job because it so different from the usual sort of development I’ve been doing and it also encompasses the stuff I did as a hobby. Basically I’m still doing the sort of things I used to blog about but not it’s for work.

Technically I’m still under NDA so can’t say exactly what I’m working on, but these are a few of the technologies I’ve been working with.

  • .NET Core, Blazor
  • AWS
  • Interfacing with Unreal and Unity game engines
  • Industrial robot programming
  • Embedded development
  • Hardware prototyping

I’ll also find myself doing random stuff like testing VR headsets, evaluating Ultrahaptics (using an array of ultrasound to make you “feel” things in VR that aren’t there), using laser safety scanners.

Basically I’ve been doing lost of cool stuff but I can’t really blog about it at the moment.

I’ve also been getting into FPGAs, but that’s mostly been to do with Element14 so I’ve posted that over there – such as this review of a Spartan-7 development board. or reverse engineering an FPGA-based cryptominer board.

Anyway, sorry I’ve not been posting, but I have still been having fun. I’m sure I’ll write some of it up one day when I’m allowed to.