It’s time I had somewhere to put stuff


I’ve never been one for blogging. I’ve never been one for a vanity site with all “here’s my fascinating life” stuff. However, I keep finding that I need to stick up an image, document a project that someone else might find useful, or just have somewhere I can link to.

Why WordPress?

There was a time – not so long ago – where the first step would be to knock up a database in SQL Server (21012 of course) and a custom blogging system using ASP.NET MVC (4 beta of course). I’d spend a few weeks on it and make sure it worked well from mobile devices. It’d be pretty slick. I’d probably post two things and nobody would look at it. My time’s a bit more scarce these days, so I’ve done the sensible thing and used someone else’s wheel. If I actually use it then I’ll rewrite the infrastructure.

Also, Hackaday uses WordPress and I was impressed how it themed and worked well on an Android phone.

Why 0xFRED?

What’s the matter? Don’t you like it? Tough. I’m a geek and proud of it. I was typing in a some hexadecimal the other day like we all do. I think it was 0xFFED. Maybe it wasn’t. And it dawned on me that FRED is almost valid hex. If  we were all using duotridecimal (base 32) then I’d have been sorted.

See. I told you I was a geek


What am I going to put here? Well, it may be:

  • CNC milling on my recently converted MF70 mill
  • Microcontrollers – I’ve been playing around with Netduino, MSP430 and ARM stuff
  • Chillies – not strictly geeky but I grow chillies

What won’t be here?

The things that spring to mind as likely tags are the things that have been keeping me busy lately – with one exception. I’m unlikely to blog about my adorable son Adam. It’s not that I dont’ care. It’s not that I don’t talk about him. I just that if you know me in person then you’ll know him. That stuff’s presonal – both in that I don’t want to share with people I don’t know and that you’re likely to not be bothered about some random person’s family. Suffice it to say he’s great and I don’t mind that more time with him means less time on geeky stuff. I hope he inherits some of my geeky interests. My wife doesn’t.

General software development. My job is as a desktop  developer – C#, SQL, Java, Oracle – but I’m not sure there’s much I’ll post about that. Other people have that pretty much covered.

I’ve started getting some content up and decided to date it according to when it was done even though I only blogged it now. Hence the posts in the past. I hope that’s not too confusing.

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